Shahid "my team is working on over 70 games for Vita."

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Ccroybb posted...
Typo: He meant 0 games.

AnthonM2 posted...
BTW I don't see The Last of Us as a western game because many asians worked with Naughty Dog on the game
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Remove the word Games with Indies and i would believe him
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What a pathetic tool.
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Lol yea most of them being stupid garbage indies haha. Complete useless man.
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70 indies Mwahahaha!
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He probably means one game that is going to sell 70 copies.
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cannibal123 posted...
Willing to bet mostly digital only titles so.....who cares?

exactly that and free to play and cell phone type games, no thanks. plus most are indies and not 1st party or AAA titles, nothing wrong with indies, but a distinction is necessary with ur comments, like "here is a thousand dollars for you... scratch offs and coupons that may or may not equal 1000$, but here is a thousand dollars for you!"
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cannibal123 posted...
Willing to bet mostly digital only titles so.....who cares?

Anyone who likes games and isn't a hoarder.
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Here is my take...

He got caught with his pants pulled down, showing a bit of attitude, and now PR'ing himself to try to look good from a very bad situation.

Based on his track record so far, I think he is completely full of BS - just riding on whatever positive news that comes to the vita that he most likely had 0% involvement on. Type 0 showed that he actually has no say nor any real info of what goes on as he did a victory lap all around twitter only to be shown that he was a total fraud.

Now that even Shahid realizes that there is absolutely no hope for support (from sony) for vita, he is 100% on the WE LOVE INDIES movement as he seems to be projecting that is all we will be getting in the future from sony. Again this is to cover his butt and try to make himself look positive.

In conclusion - Shahid is pretty much just tasked to PR the hell out of vita (and pretty much the only person Sony pays to do so) without actually knowing what is going on. Don't rely or believe what he says for AAA support in the future.Vita support pretty much falls on the great 3rd parties we have to support the device.
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Over 100 Vita games they are working on, 90 of them are most likely indies.
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