Let's be real: P4G would be 10x better if it had the original JP dub.

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Werzaque posted...
An estimated 90% of people in this thread with Assassin in their are posting false information

Kanae Itou had like 10 random small roles in the game.
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Japanese track is infinitely better. Give me my Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, and Romi Park.
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Black_Assassin posted...

Kanae Itou had like 10 random small roles in the game.

More if you count the no-text voices (screams and such), but the point is that that's not 90% of the NPCs. You don't hire separate VAs to do the mobs' lines. You simply don't.
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Let us be more real. Without the decent English VA in the Persona games, they'd be about as popular over here as, oh, Monster Monpiece.
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no Dub NO BUY!
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The game has many issues for me so the difference wouldn't be that great but the jokes would make more sense. Like in Virtue's last reward the cat jokes were lost in translation... it's sad.

I didn't like the english voices but the good music and no subs on videos kept me from muting.

I wonder if for native english speakers the voices do sound good and balanced...? I'm anti dubbing in general, in games it won't keep me from buying them but takes away some fun, on the other hand dubbing will keep me from supporting the movie industry (For example the only thing that kept me from watching Lego the movie on cinemas was because it was dubbed in my country's language and not just subbed from english)
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Laura > Rie

Sam > Kappei

Troy > Seki

I also want to say... Tara Platt > Rie Tanaka & Miyuki Sawashiro.

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I'm pretty sure anybody who's actually played the Japanese version of Persona 4 (You know, by being able to read Japanese) knows that Kuma makes you want to throw your controller/Vita through a window

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TC you're an embarrassment.
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