Dub or Sub ?

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User Info: LunarDream337

2 years ago#31
If I think the dub is done well, then dub. If not, then sub. I can easily enjoy both.
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User Info: Zechs23

2 years ago#32
Like my anime, subbed. But there are exceptions.
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User Info: atopp399

2 years ago#33
Whatever gives the game the best chance of being released here. The fan translation of Final Fantasy Type 0 has shown me that subs can be just fine though I prefer dub.

User Info: Delphox

2 years ago#34
DarkBlade2 posted...
I can go either way but I enjoy it when my games are dubbed. The only thing I could not deal with subbed is Dragonball Z, that has to be dubbed.

DBZ Dub was the worst dub I've ever witnessed. I'll never forget the terrible translation and non-stop "music" (if you could even call it that) playing in every moment.

Atleast they're improving with Kai by taking superior BGMs.

User Info: Sami1000

2 years ago#35
Impossible to choose. Let's assume the game would have good subtitles, or voice actors then either of them are fine with me.

User Info: UddersAndBlades

2 years ago#36
Usually dub.
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User Info: ssringo

2 years ago#37
Sub unless they get reasonable voice acting for the dub.
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User Info: DW2189

2 years ago#38
I prefer dub, but don't mind subs as long as the game is good and the translation is good as well.
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User Info: XdemonAlucard

2 years ago#39
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User Info: Akane1412

2 years ago#40
Sub. America tends to be the one doing the dubs and they generaly suck. Anyway if a game has sub only, it gets plenty points from me it wouldn't otherwise but a sub or dub never stopped me from buying a game I really wanted.

I just wish dubed versions would have an option for subs at ALL times so if it was really bad I could just mute. Suikoden Tierkreis is a perfect example on how this is so important.
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