Dub or Sub ?

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User Info: Marikhen

2 years ago#61
I prefer to substitute dubstep for western.
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User Info: Zephyriuum

2 years ago#62
PABB posted...
In more recent titles, Catherine's dub sounded great :D

Most Atlus's games dub sound great.

Like Persona games.
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User Info: amakusa_114

2 years ago#63

User Info: Akihiko__Sanada

2 years ago#64
Depends on the game. If it's something like Persona, dub. If it's something like Disgaea, sub.
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User Info: razisgosu

2 years ago#65
Subs of course. Dubs are bad.

User Info: walnut100

2 years ago#66
Dual audio is always preferred

But when I can't have that, dub obviously.
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User Info: iumpl

2 years ago#67
Dub. If there's a choice, I'll usually pick dub unless it's particularly awful.

That said, I have absolutely no problem with sub, and as mentioned I've chosen that a few times. Certainly won't deter me from a game.

User Info: badboy

2 years ago#68
I don't care. They can remove the voice acting. Wouldn't make a difference to me.

User Info: MysteryVeil

2 years ago#69
Dub all the way. Hands down.
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User Info: ChimeraBlue

2 years ago#70
Sub, I prefer to experience something in it's original form.

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