Sony should just ditch the PS TV since, realistically, nobody will buy it

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TC is kinda right. I mean, Sony isn't even putting out any quality games for it. Who will really be interested in this thing? (I understand it does more then just play Vita games, but still...)
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I know of this mystical power of 'NO BUY', I've been channelling it ever since the Vita first came out. Thanks for the tip, though.
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So what's more appealing to the average consumer that wants to play Vita games on a TV (this assumes they don't already have the PS4)? Paying $140ish for a PS TV, or paying $400 for the PS$, another $200 for the Vita to stream to the PS4?

Or $500 for both consoles. Hell, make it $600 with both Killzone titles as well. Make Killzone a household name like Call of Duty, each excellent games on their systems, as well as having perhaps the first official bundle of two different systems.

$600 for two consoles and two games sounds more appealing than buying a $400 console with a camera tacked on, except when it's not (don't get be wrong, I love my Xbox One), but having two $500 and $600 bundles would be the way to go. Maybe lower it to $450 and $500 at the minimum,

you can get killzone for 40 bucks (20-30 if you know where to look)
KZ M isn't worth more than 20 bucks. So no it isn't a good deal.
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I don't have a Vita, or a Vita memory card, because a Vita costs about $300 here last I checked and a decent memory card is another $60-120 depending on how much space you want. I was holding off on the hope that Vita TV would be released worldwide and would just use a normal hard drive, but it seems if you want to play Vita games, you gotta support the price gouging.

You mean SOME Vita games
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KZ M isn't worth more than 20 bucks.

Yes it is
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And one more thing.

IF Sony releases the fabled and requested out the ass from Playstation fans, the PS4/Vita bundle, they will most likely release it in February. The second worst month ever to release a console (after January). Meaning that they could say good-bye to Christmas sales in the millions to boost their handheld.
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Parents notice that there is home console for 120/140$ and 450/400$ consoles. Now they will probably buy the cheaper option for their kids. Then their kids notice that it plays Vita games too. Now they want to play Vita games on the go, so they want ps vita too. Just an example.

One problem with that example: It doesn't play Vita games because the DS3 doesn't have a front touch screen, rear touch pad, and cameras. You aren't going to play Uncharted Golden Abyss on the PS TV. You aren't going to play Gravity Rush on the PS TV. You aren't going to play Tearaway on the PS TV. You can play Killzone Mercs if the devs uphold their promise to add support, but if they don't, you aren't going to play that either.
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BTW I don't see The Last of Us as a western game because many asians worked with Naughty Dog on the game
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