The prices for PS Now rentals have been revealed.

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1 year ago#11
Those prices look fair. My local video store charges $10 for 5 days. I can't see the 4 hr service getting much use.
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1 year ago#12
OhGoodGrief posted...
Those are just screenies from a beta. Is there an official statement?

BTW the prices in your post don't even relate to most of the games in the images

1 year ago#13
I have never been interested in the service and I will be even less interested if these prices are final.
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1 year ago#14
Even so, I can't see rental taking off. I would never rent a game, it's a complete waste of money. If I want it, I'd get it new, or if it's something I don't really need, get it used. You don't own a rental, at least the other two options you own the game.
1 year ago#15
We need a list of people actually intending on using this service so we can round them up and send them to an island free of video games, which they are clearly not old enough to play yet.
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1 year ago#16
I just kind of realized how surreal renting digital games seems to me.
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1 year ago#17
So they're not going with an subscription of any sort it seems...
Well, maybe it's something that I might use eventually, but as a rental and for the price that those rentals are at, it would definitely depend on how much I wanted to play the game and how much I think I would get out of it after going through the limited amount of time.

I'd like to think that this isn't going to be a representation of the final product, since it's a beta, but at the same time, I can't see those prices getting much cheaper.
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1 year ago#18
The prices look fair to me, except for the 4 hour rate. 24 hours for $3 would be better.
1 year ago#19
This might flop hard. Think about games with so much content that you might want to take few months break from it. You have to keep paying for a game you don't even play to keep your progress.

Also, the experince might be far from ideal. Lag issues on either end, possible crashing, save data loss, fluctuating image quality etc.

Yeah, i remain skeptical about this. Even though i have 50mb connection i'm not going to bother with it when it costs so much. Might as well buy the game instead. Few dollars for trying the game might be ok.
1 year ago#20
Yeah, my PS Beta also has most of these prices out, some are "free".
The open beta isn't suppose to start for a bit longer though, so I'm a bit surprised they are already charging us for some games. If anyone thinks this isn't final, it probably is; just that publishers have to decide how much they want to charge.

The prices vary, and you will be asked to pay to check out the games at these prices.
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  3. The prices for PS Now rentals have been revealed.

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