Top selling VIta games on PSN for June

#11Null_GainPosted 7/9/2014 2:00:53 PM
Mercenaries is the best game on that list. I'm glad its getting some attention.
#12Zechs23Posted 7/9/2014 2:02:56 PM
GigaDogqHD posted...
9.Monster Monpiece

Heh heh.
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#13ManjiMidouPosted 7/9/2014 2:17:32 PM
i guess the people who bought MM don't care for the online aspect of the game.
l love Nintendo. l sold MK8 and Donkey Kong for 25 dollars each and got dark souls for 10 dollars.
#14OhGoodGriefPosted 7/9/2014 2:20:10 PM
Generally whatever goes on sale or is a new release makes the list.
#15NCPwnPosted 7/9/2014 2:51:37 PM
Top 10 Favorite games of all time (in order):
The Last of Us, NIER, Zelda WW, Secret of Mana, Zelda OoT, Rainbow Moon, DAOC, MAG, Tachyon, Myst
#16j2zon2591Posted 7/9/2014 2:53:16 PM
So KZM has legs? Hmm.. did it have a sale or something?

lol monmon
#17StrikeNinja24Posted 7/9/2014 2:55:16 PM
Lol where are those people claiming how PSN sales are 40% of total sales? I would love to see the numbers on these games.
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hopefully more people play real boxing online... I play like the same 3 guys every time... and then they rage quit while i'm winning, including the #1 ranked guy "josue_rock". We have heated message exchanges on a daily basis....
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I mostly wanted to play online but got my ass whooped by people using +2 cards.
#20ZGMF_600_GuaizPosted 7/9/2014 3:32:20 PM
Looks like Soul Sacrifice Delta died very quickly.

I didn't expect vanilla Soul Sacrifice to rank in instead though.

Monster Monpiece is an unexpected surprise. IIRC, it also ranked in the top ten last month.