What in your opinion is the definitive Vita game ?

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10 months ago#1
What game on Vita do you think is the best ?
(message deleted)
10 months ago#3
^ lmao at your sig
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10 months ago#4
Rainbow Moon

Great for short or long gameplay sessions.
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10 months ago#5
ZezWins posted...
soul sacrifice delta

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10 months ago#6
Soul Sacrifice is a good one. Gravity Rush is another. hell, Kat should be the Vita mascot. Rainbow Moon is a great game but it isnt a Vita game. I would only count exclusives if i were to consider what the "definitive Vita game" is.. And Vita is a wasteland in that category.
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10 months ago#7
I honestly consider Demon Gaze to be that. I just love the game that much and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves first person DRPGs or someone who is entirely new to the genre.

Muramasa Rebirth is another due to the stunningly beautiful art style, great combat, interesting story across all characters and fantastic music.
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10 months ago#8
I'd make a difference between definitive and best.

I consider LBP and modnation to be THE definitive games since they have a potentially infinite replay value as long as you enjoy them and have a creative mind.

Killzone maybe ? This game is very complete especially with the bot zone.

If I had to pick one, I'd say LBP.
10 months ago#9
I would consider a definitive title as a title that makes you want to get that system! It is THE reason to get it and Vita doesn't have that.. Killzone, LBP, Modnation, Muramasa can all be played elsewhere, Vita not needed. All great games no doubt about it but not definitive.

Too bad sony has shoved the Vita aside and it will never get that definitive exclusive title.
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10 months ago#10
Power Turtle posted...
Muramasa can all be played elsewhere

uh except for there no dlc and the translation is inferior on the Wii.
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