Rate the Vita game - Week IV - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

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2 years ago#1
Rate the Vita game: Danganronpa. - Results (208 votes)
8.17% (17 votes)
0.48% (1 votes)
1.44% (3 votes)
3.37% (7 votes)
0.96% (2 votes)
2.88% (6 votes)
5.29% (11 votes)
16.83% (35 votes)
28.37% (59 votes)
32.21% (67 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Good morning.

If you are in this thread, chances are you already played Danganronpa. What you have to do in this thread is rate it from 1 to 10 using the poll! The numbers will be rounded next week, giving it a final score based on user votes. I encourage anyone to post, bump, vote. We need to get as much coverage as we can. Also, if you're going to post, I'd like to also hear your input on which game we should do for next week. The most suggested game will be the one we'll do next week.


Next game: Persona 4 Golden

Previous results
Demon Gaze - 6.5
Dragon's Crown - 7.9
Muramasa Rebirth - 7.5

2 years ago#2
I dont like rating games but this game is a classic.

The atmosphere and music blend really well together.
2 years ago#3
This is one of my favorite games in a few years, as it's art style (especially during executions) music and dialogue all come together to create that intense atmosphere

And cuz its awesome too
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2 years ago#4
1 is really good, right?
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2 years ago#5
stargazer64 posted...
1 is really good, right?

Lol no that's 10
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PSN (Vita): I8AllDaBadgerz
2 years ago#6
5. The artwork is atrocious and the "gameplay" is boring. Story is decent, so it's not a total loss.
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2 years ago#7
Awww, I somehow missed the Demon Gaze poll from last week. :-(

Anyway, Danganronpa is a very unique experience and I love it. 9/10.
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2 years ago#8

All of these perfect scores.

Its a good game, but Jesus people.
2 years ago#9
6/10, mostly mediocre and dear goodness do the characters suck. Gameplay and pacing really carries whatever there is.
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2 years ago#10
It's the second-best game on Vita, so hell yeah I'm giving it a 10/10.
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