The Vita is better than PS4 because....

#31NCPwnPosted 7/29/2014 12:37:19 PM
For me they are different experiences, and both great. If I want to play a Vita game, I want it to be small and pick up and play available. Or I want to use my VITA to play PS4 at a remote location.

My PS4, I want bigger titles, with a heavier focus on multiplayer and or AAA experiences. Something to push developers into visually awesome and fun experiences.
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SoporilBracelet posted...
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its junpei stupei

I have him tagged as zez jr

Is that a Zero Escape reference?

no its a zezbrah reference
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Vita can remote play all PS4 games so Vita has more PS4 games than PS4.
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I'll have to go with Vita. *-*

Vita system is incredible with all those Japanese games.

I mean, vita is beautiful, like all the way through.