Memory Card Removed?

#1DragonLord150Posted 7/31/2014 1:34:32 PM
So I research this and check GameFAQs but my experience did not match the others:
I was playing "Dragon's Crown", saved, and was back in the town. After that I put it in sleep mood and did some stuff around my house and when I turned it back on my Vita saved, "The Memory Card as been removed..." and then my system restarted. It did not rebuild or anything just restarted and everything was fine.

This did worry me some because my game was not saving nor was my memory card was being accessed. As far as I know it COULD HAVE errored because I had the voice DLC was on and it was reading it in the middle of that.

Any info on this subject would help me out greatly since understanding what was happening and what made it happen would ease my mind and prevent a recurrence.
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#2blackman232Posted 7/31/2014 2:15:21 PM
Sorry can't help. Played a half hour of that game a didn't like it.
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#3DragonLord150(Topic Creator)Posted 7/31/2014 2:39:21 PM
That was the game I was playing, the occurrence was the Vita itself. Many people had this before but since people just state the put it to sleep without explaining what they were doing before hand I was adding info because that may lead to something. =D

Thus, if anyone KNOWS what causes this issue that would be nice to know. =) From what happened to me it is because it was reading the card at the time of going into sleep mode but this is just a guess and not fact. =/
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