Just got the 64gb. Should have done it sooner.

#1markedman54Posted 8/2/2014 11:57:01 AM
This is great. I have everything loaded back on my Vita and I STILL have 11gb of space left.
I wish I would have bought the bullet sooner. Tons of PSP and PSone games on it, A years worth of PS+ games and all the games I've bought digitally through sales. Loving It.
I would definitely recommend to anyone who can afford to drop $100.
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#2PJB-11Posted 8/2/2014 1:03:53 PM
Agreed. I should have got a 64 from the start - but now I use my 32 for PS+ games and my 8 holds my final fantasy collection. Everything else fits onto the 64 with space.

Congratulations on your purchase good sir. :) (I'm assuming you are a sir because of your user name.)
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#3_HlM_Posted 8/2/2014 1:58:32 PM
My 32gig has been good to me. I next to never buy Digital, only when need be. Soul Sacrifice Delta and Dead Nation. I'll probably never buy a 64gig card unless I somehow manage to use up 32 gigs on save files and or DLC for my game OR of course a "too good to pass up" type of deal.
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#4gamezero6Posted 8/2/2014 2:42:44 PM
I ordered a 64gb the past Thursday, will get it by Wednesday ;)

I have less than 3gb of space left on my 32gb and I plan to download...
SkullGirls Encore - digital only anyway
MuraSaki Baby - digital only anyway
Freedom Wars
Legend of Raven - digital only anyway - still not sure when its coming out?
Forgotten Memories - digital only anyway
Cosmic Star Heroine - digital only anyway
Mighty No. 9 - digital only anyway
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#5S1lver_BulletPosted 8/2/2014 2:58:50 PM
I always buy digital and keep demo version until the game becomes cheaper, because of my cheapness I went with 32 gb one
64 is of course better but I think I won't be needing it (considering I've got no money to spare but even if I do I'd probably spend it on games anyway)
I can always back up the secondary games to computer and have my main ones if I take it outside traveling or away from computer. 32 gb is good for more than 10 games and I think I'm good with a bit limitation, don't want to sacrifice my real life when I'm outside focusing too much on games after all
#6SlaysmePosted 8/2/2014 3:22:43 PM
I want a 128. I'm pretty sure I could easily fill a 64. Will probably still get one.
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#7shag777Posted 8/2/2014 3:29:09 PM
Urgh, i always wanted a 64gb but is so much pricey D: congrats though, really a good choice.
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#8blackman232Posted 8/2/2014 4:07:30 PM
Since Sony forces these memory cards on us, isn't it likely that they will dish out a 128GB ?
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#9aDirtyShisnoPosted 8/2/2014 8:23:00 PM
You still have space? I bought one right away and filled it up on day one with only about half of everything I've got. I need a 128!
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#10Gamemaster64Posted 8/2/2014 8:24:08 PM
aDirtyShisno posted...
. I need a 128!

dood we need a 256
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