Tearaway sold 14k on the month it was released in....

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2 years ago#201
Megaman Omega posted...
Ooseye posted...
Why is that? A self-imposed restriction?

Probably an aftermath of this:


lmao. Classic hustlin_fails thread. Dude absolutely loses it.
2 years ago#202
This topic has more troll meltdowns than gamescom 2013.
Lord Erieos is coming...
2 years ago#203
Ooseye posted...
So since you didn't bring them up that means they didn't happen? You hounded him just like you're trying to do with me.

That is not an excuse. Look at how you and me have been the last few days, for example. We bring up other threads and posts all the time. Did I do that? No, I asked a simple question as to why he felt the need to make such an unnecessary comment. So are you saying that I am not allowed to ask Megaman any questions at all as we have had "history"?

As far as I am concerned, I didn't not want to cloud the issue by saying something provocative like "Oh look, it's Megaman and his usual antics" so I kept it neutral. His response was both pathetic and childish when looked at in any context. No excuses at all, no matter how you try and twist it.

Ooseye posted...
Actually I've answered this a bunch of times (whether or not it was from this random poster I have no clue) but I will do it again just for you hustlin': I like some of the discussions, I like some of the posters and it's hilarious how upset some of the posters around here get so upset when you disagree with them.

That does not even come close to the truth though, does it? You actually enter most threads with an immediate negative Sony/Vita comment. So you are admitting you like to provoke arguments by posting in that style then watching people argue/disagree with you? That seems a horrendous waste of time for an adult, which I presume you are.
The IT Crowd clip:
2 years ago#204
Bump because lol.
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