Man, I want to get a Vita but :/

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My friend has a Vita and he really likes it. I found a few unique games I wanted, mostly Senran Kagura Versus (yet to come out), and Persona 4 Golden, really want the definitive edition and trophies,

but dear god does Sony make it impossible to just buy their product. The thing is horrendously overpriced so if I do I'll get it second hand. And on top of that the memory cards WHY!! Also, the lack of mainstream games is just depressing. And hell I hate CoD, Uncharted, Dragon Age, Skyrim, basically every mainstream PoS, but there are no like "mainstream" as in games you just want to play and aren't super out there or quirky. All the apparent good games seem really dumb on the surface, like Guacamelee, sorry, it's hard to get emotionally invested in a Mexican themed brawler.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
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its a dead system dont bother
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It'll be around for at least 5 more years so get one you won't regret it.
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I don't get what kinds of games you like. Here's a list of games to consider.

Dragon's Crown
Ys Celceta
Killzone Mercs
Gravity Rush
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Demon Gaze
Unit 13
Sword Art online

Danganronpa 2
Soul Sacrifice 2
Gravity Rush 2
Freedom Wars

I could probably list more, but those are all retail and worth researching.

The system is out of stock everywhere. Wait till you can find it new for $200, if you can afford it. If you like the games, it's worth $200. If you don't like the games, it's not worth $10. IMO.
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Well, look at the games, if you don't like them,don't bother buying a Vita.
There is only 3 handheldsat the market: PSV, 3DS and Wii U. Choose one witht he games you like or stick with your PC/Console.

Do you like Mario, Pokemon, childish-like (and fun) games? Do you like RPGs with deep story / complex gameplay? Do you like indies? You can't go wrong, thy are very differente handhelds...

I had both (sold my 3DS XL) and I can say that Vita hardware is superior, the handheld have superior controls and "quality feeling", the screen is 4x better... But if you don't like the games don't bother buying it.

3DS is a nice handheld "way better than the dead Vita" but, besides the Mario game, Zelda, and a couple of DS titles, I didn't like the games, so I sold cause it was gathering dust...
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I think the vita is decently priced these days. Not so for the memory card alas. However psn does have really good digital sales now and again so that makes up for it.

With the release of SOA and Akiba's trip coming soon I feel the vita is finally starting to get good. Of course do some research. I was informed most honestly on this board that this system was most likely not for me as I own everything else. While it was a disappointing start I am now happy with my purchase.

While I do praise the vita I will be wary if sony makes another future handheld though.
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Soul Sacrifice Delta
And Freedom Wars
But about FW don't go into it hyped, just go into it and instead of looking for absolute perfection you'll find a fun game to play with friends
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deathpapaya posted...
its a dead system dont bother

If it's a dead system for you, why do you still here on vita board?

You can walk away from here and pretend you've never existed.
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So any game you hate is a pos? Just because you don't like a game, doesn't mean its garbage
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What kind of steering
wheel are you using?