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I just got a VITA today and a $50 PSN card.... What to buy...?
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Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland worth playing if I never played...twa55697/25 4:27AM
Am I sexist because I dont enjoy atelier, hyperdimension, and FFX-2? (Closed)
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Spoiler Strategy P4G --> Last day to max social link before Christmas?BirdWithDreams37/25 1:37AM
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What game should I play next? (Poll)spealfan44467/25 12:57AM
y did u by ur ps vita
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Since so many people seem curious about Senran Kagura, here are a coupla videos.gadgaurd77/25 12:42AM
I hope the PS store has a final Fantasy sale soonilovecarebears67/24 11:47PM
I'm buying both Akiba's Trip 2 and HPD Rebirth next month.Dashingfella77/24 11:40PM
Hyperdimension vs God of War (Poll)
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Will the Playstation Vita TV be able to play PS2 classics?Clackluvr2377/24 11:13PM
what are some of the best jrpg games on the vita?zezbrah47/24 11:02PM
Best JRPG coming out this Summer?
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Can't find Kenka Bancho on PSNlastexile2847/24 9:28PM
to those who have played valhalla knighs 3
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Which Disgaea game should I get?
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indies are a good thing for the vita. here's whyzezbrah107/24 7:17PM
So...they fix that GoW Collection trophy glitch yet??? (Closed)gogogosuper67/24 7:08PM
lol akiba's trip looks so good
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