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Phil Rogers Square Enix EU CEO will get to the bottom of FFType-0 localization (Archived)
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Project Phoenix Will Have a Physical Release (Archived)Kazuhira0758/15/2013
I got my birthday gifts today. (A day late) Some Vita related items were given!! (Archived)Spiffy24768/15/2013
Why on earth is fruit Ninja 8$ (Archived)
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Anyone know how to get the Public KZ:M beta? (Archived)abnergoinbig58/15/2013
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Any must have PSN classics? (Archived)3dsghost58/15/2013
I know I said this B4... (Archived)
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Geez my target doesn't even have a Vita display anymore. (Archived)
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How hard is Hotline Miami? (Archived)alexg198968/15/2013
Wait, is it just me or the new firmware update made PSP/PSX games look better? (Archived)
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Why doesnt Sony just release their unused IPs as Vita games? (Archived)
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When is the next PSN+ update usually announced? (Archived)Dragon Nexus88/15/2013
ateiler totori or ngz2 (Archived)starkkc168/15/2013
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WTF Sony! (Archived)
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Is Gravity Rush worth buying.......? (Archived)
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Is it safe to charge the PSVita by using USB chargers ? (Archived)khalid_199088/15/2013
6 more days till the Walking Dead (Archived)
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