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Multiple Vita games at "The Game Awards" (formerly Spike VGA)
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How come Persona 2 Eternal Punishment psp never got localized?
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Im surprised that this isn't going to be in the vita.melisyoo1011/22 2:21PM
Best game between Tactics Ogre:LUCT and Final Fantasy Tactics:WOL?
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Hyperdevotion Noire first English screenshots
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What should I play next? (Poll)
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Most anticipated "Niche" 2015 Vita game (Poll)
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Anyone else excited forAqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX?
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which vita game has the best character interactions?
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Is the ratchet and clank collection a croos buy?WiiBrawler711/22 11:15AM
New Vita or peripheral upgrade? (Poll)
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How is the Ps TV thing now?odomdiblas111/22 10:53AM
If you're unsure about tales of hearts r because you're new to tales...Xmas_Hat611/22 10:37AM
vita tv and ds4 hooking up problemsaintshield7411/22 9:53AM
Why is BRS on the PSTV compat list for Europe when it's not on the store?
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Can we have a Cooking Mama for Vita?
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