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Wheres the PlayStation TV Hype?
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Wow. Just played Metal Gear 2 for the first time
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Ghost Armor screen protector?IAznDragonI Yan39/15 8:42PM
Got my vita today! PSN question.TeachMeMsLitchi89/15 8:00PM
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Who here believes this will be the best TGS yet for the Vita?
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Indie Topic #1 - Sound Shapes
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Do LCD Vitas fit inside shells made for OLED Vitas?MwarriorHiei39/15 7:33PM
Next year's e3 will save the vita. #beastmodebeginsEp1taph303109/15 7:22PM
Can psp still access adhoc party after sony ends the online service fro it?itachi0049/15 7:10PM
The Vita was the most powerful portable device when it came out, right?
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Is PS Vita worth it just for the JRPG's?
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I'm curious! If someone programmed a Vita game could theywolf_blitzer8529/15 4:39PM
Was it ever explained why Borderlands didn't come with all DLC?XCrossYZ59/15 4:26PM
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Things that annoy you about Vita games
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Shin Megami Tensei IV or Demon Gaze or Mind Zero, Help me decide
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games with best boss battles? (no spoilers pls)
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Why was the PSP released without 2 analog sticks to begin with?
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