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Will I be able to play these in English one day? (Archived)LitCandlez101/9/2013
If someone made a PS2 emulator work with full FPS on Vita, I'd buy one. (Archived)
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I was a Sony/Microsoft/PC fanboy but now I've seen the light after playing Zelda (Archived)Oakland510_91/9/2013
Am I the only Big Daddy user I've seen who uses 100+AP combos. (Archived)
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Is Knytt Underground worth buying? (Archived)enigma227461/9/2013
Idea for new sony exclusive Vita game... (Archived)bigdaddydmac51/9/2013
the vita has great games (Archived)
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Did people actually expect these Pokemin games in the Vita? (Archived)vgsrule71/9/2013
Anyone else surprised that Book of Memories didn't completely suck? (Archived)Swan362471/9/2013
Senran Kagura Shinovi VS multiplayer details (including panty collecting) (Archived)
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Where's FFX HD or the other games when you need it? (Archived)2ylyt91/9/2013
Wow.. Really? (Archived)
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Dilemma... (Archived)
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Love Love Vitas lol (Archived)Eseenuz41/9/2013
What games are going to be out in the coming months? (Archived)
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Capcom hates Sony? (Archived)
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Do you know why there are so many Pokemon threads here? (Archived)AhnoldDood41/9/2013
Forgetting all the butt hurtness of the current news (Archived)TruePowerSeeker51/9/2013
Pokemon X/Y debut (Archived)
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lol wow the tip of my headphone jack is stuck in my Vita -_- (Archived)
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