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how many sales has vita sold in USA? (Archived)
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Question about games bought on the Online Store. (Archived)leomar9137/29/2012
The port next to the cartridge slot? (Archived)
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Rank these games so i can have opinions on what to buy :) (psp games) (Archived)Voelger67/29/2012
Uncharted wasn't a system seller (clearly), so... (Archived)
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Unsure on getting my VITA (Archived)whatnow1201287/29/2012
Can anyone suggest me a good rpg for the vita? (Archived)
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TOM Blitz is bugged lol (Archived)
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I have a 16GB SD ATM, if I upgraded to 32GB could I transfer my saves? (Archived)galfasanta111197/29/2012
Possible 1.8 release date? (Archived)Skeet198397/29/2012
What is better, Lunar Silver Star or The Legend of Heroes? (Archived)Voelger77/29/2012
Should someone host a Gamefaqs party chat? (Archived)
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I wish this collection would come out on the Vita (Archived)FKRW4Life97/29/2012
Any way to download Adobe Flash or whatever it is? (Archived)
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So. a few questions about PSN on Vita. (Archived)pdizzles12567/29/2012
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken? (Archived)MJD32fan17/29/2012
Selling vita... (Archived)
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I need to get some Vita friends going! (Archived)
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Hope they make a new "Tales of" game or a good port (Archived)
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Where's Bioshock&Killzone? (Archived)TheJazzMan45667/29/2012