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Just Bought a Vita from Target (Archived)jrocksfocus92/26/2012
If I don't game much on the go, is there any reason to get this? (Archived)
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2 PS3 Games working via Remote Play on Vita (Archived)d0y3n52/26/2012
Yay/Nay: Vita should have a game like Evochron: Mercenary or S.P.A.Z. (Archived)luigi3322/26/2012
And this year, I'll be more excited about the SONY E3 conference. (Archived)
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So, why no Motorstorm RC, Reality Fighters and Ridge Racer for the US, (Archived)
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Will Gran Turismo Portable work? (Archived)nugzz72/26/2012
It works. With 1 finger without touching Vita screen. Only 1.5 mm. (Archived)
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Vita media manager PSP compatible? (Archived)BlackPhoenix12752/26/2012
does digit chase in the welcome park take your highscores an total them? (Archived)L0Z52/26/2012
need advice help (Archived)mybloodysunday92/26/2012
Is there any way to avoid all the offline errors? (Archived)LurtzOfIsengard32/26/2012
It'd be nice if they made an ad-hoc party for Vita games. (Archived)zxelman22/26/2012
How big/where are your black blotches? (Archived)
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I can't wait for a God of War Vita game.... oh yeah! (Archived)Magnificent_1192/26/2012
So what is the difference between the Vita and the PSP? (Archived)Ishuaia102/26/2012
Scratches/watermarks UNDER the screen? (Archived)Vanilla_Face07102/26/2012
So should I get a Vita? (Archived)KUR0K052/26/2012
Wipeout online error (Archived)GastricTitan22/26/2012
The four reasons why I bought a Vita. (Archived)
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