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Saw a fanboy at Gamestop. (Archived)
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Worth for any exclusive titles? I love the hardware, but what titles are musts? (Archived)lonlonmilklover48/31/2012
Woah! I can actually transfer free ps plus psone game to the Vita! (Archived)WhiteSword798/31/2012
Weird thingy in browser? (Archived)kevfalcon28/31/2012
Question on PS1 Games (Archived)brian982448/31/2012
vita sales flopping does matter ... no final fantasy port (Archived)
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Mortal Kombat $15 @ GS (Archived)gldoorii108/31/2012
Legend of the dragoon (Archived)Kirakazei68/31/2012
LBP Vita (Archived)somebody33678/31/2012
$5 off PSASBR pre-order via Amazon (Archived)Starwars4J58/31/2012
Alundra does not work (buggy) (Archived)Emperor_Gestahl108/31/2012
Whats the difference between Disgaea Infinite an Disgaea Afternoon of darkness?? (Archived)
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Vita's download speeds. (Archived)
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Final Fantasy 25 Year anniversary package (Archived)yankee690388/31/2012
Region Lock? (Archived)DRX77728/31/2012
List the PSOne games on your Vita. (Archived)
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Madden question (Archived)Chimera26848/31/2012
I wonder who was the clown that said grandia was playable on the vita (Archived)
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For those who are having issues using the rear touchpad for L2/R2 (Archived)
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So does PSONE games look better on that OLED screen ? (Archived)danny532988/31/2012
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