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What PSP RPG is the most like Final Fantasy VII-X / Legend of Dragoon? (Archived)
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Since the PSP can play PS1 games >_> ....... (Archived)NeonOctopus54/25/2012
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Wow I though Gravity Rush was like Eden Child type of music game. Excited for it (Archived)
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New MP footage of Resistance: Burning Skies (Archived)enkeixpress_44/25/2012
Is the font on PSP RPGs bigger on the Vita? I must know before re-buying a game (Archived)White Wolf Kiba104/25/2012
Would you rather (E3 edition) (Archived)
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anyone take there vita on a plane yet (Archived)
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Next Hatsune Miku in August 30 (Archived)
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