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If Vita isnt Spanish for life then why is Taco Bell advertising it? (Archived)
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Sony needs to hurry up with the PS1 support. (Archived)
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Debating on the Vita (Archived)
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anything on sale (Archived)
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Got the Unit 13 sound bug, now my vita is frozen (Archived)
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Anyone else here have Gravity Rush already? (Archived)McDeon4Life43/17/2012
With all these HD "remakes" (Archived)
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Anyone else hoping for more games this year at E3? (Archived)
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Loading screen inquiry (Archived)baconcow181223/17/2012
The damn Facebook app doesn't even work. (Archived)_crashbfan_93/17/2012
psp games cant be saved on your computer for backup? (Archived)amazingwilly43/17/2012
C/D: Vita is the most advanced portable VG system ever (Archived)
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