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Your reaction: Sony announces an $80 price drop for the PlayStation Vita? (Archived)
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Black Screen of Death - Help? (Archived)
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Stardust is TOO intense (Archived)
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Anybody else having issues signing up for a data plan? (Archived)
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Moving pictures from Mac to Vita? (Archived)famicomgamer22/16/2012
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What is/are the apparent reason(s) for this not doing so well..? (Archived)
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If the opinion piece on the Nikkei site was telling the truth then how come? (Archived)Garfield6432/16/2012
Japanese news says developers are abandoning Vita? (Archived)
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Loose thumbstick? (Archived)
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i have a Vita but no food.... (Archived)
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Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Netflix apps? (Archived)
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what ar games (Archived)snackman7692/16/2012