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So is GameStop going to adust their prices or do I need to cancel my preorder? (Archived)JetPilot912/23/2011
Not as region free as you think.... Found a huge flaw in the accounts debate (Archived)
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PS Vita Wait for 4G? (Archived)
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Any good news since japanese launch ? (Archived)
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psn account is NOT locked to a memory card (Archived)
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So who's gonna wait a while after Vita launches to purchase it? (Archived)
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VitaWifi+8GB card+Game/PSN code=$300-310 better than 1st edition bundle?Y/N (Archived)ronrealplaya312/23/2011
Anyone thinking about going Vita only? (Archived)
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Is anyone else excited about Silent Hill: Book of Memories? *vague spoilers* (Archived)
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