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I love the Vita, and I guess this is a bit of reassurance but (Archived)
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Best case that you can play the Vita while inside? (Archived)
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Anyone else think the Vita shows the tremendous promise the PlayStation 4 has? (Archived)
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Can you voice chat with people in game? (Archived)XanderStrange23/1/2012
Holy cow Raymans music is superb! oh and does everyone have these dark spots? (Archived)Voelger53/1/2012
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Hot Shots vs Wipeout (Archived)
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Is it ok to put the game card in while the Vita is on? (Archived)XanderStrange43/1/2012
Problems onnecting to a friend's game (Dungeon Hunter related) (Archived)Wizzl24113/1/2012
does your 3g/wifi vita freeze when coming out of sleep mode? (Archived)Raven23623/1/2012
One week after owning both a Vita and 3DS... (Archived)
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New Media Create numbers (Archived)
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PSP drawing... offensive or no? (Archived)alexg198923/1/2012
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Does the Vita have slider pads? (Archived)
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MLB The Show: PSV and PS3 Bundle (Announcement coming) (Archived)
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