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Marketing for Vita - Sony has 'biggest campaign ever' planned (Archived)
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Can Wipeout 2048 be played over 3G? (Archived)melman10171/11/2012
PSN Coverage? (Archived)Filgaia8731/11/2012
C/D you would be happy if sony lowered the price to 229.99 (Archived)
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I want a vita (Archived)ReggieBush0931/11/2012
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I was wrong. I want the Vita to do well because of competition! (Archived)Ketorulz81/11/2012
will Sony support EU, AU, and NZ PSN? (Archived)moogle6911/11/2012
What will be your first game for the system? (Archived)
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why does it matter if some games are $50 ? games become cheaper over time ! (Archived)fungivore91/11/2012
if only they added L2 and R2 trigger on the vita.. but I cant be picky (Archived)
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Dragon Ball action adventure game (Archived)alexg198951/11/2012
you can now put vita titles in your Q at gamefly (Archived)ReggieBush0911/11/2012
Couple of questions regarding Memory Card+Games(Please bare with me) (Archived)thegreatskeem81/10/2012
Does The Touch Pad still..... (Archived)keybladefan1861/10/2012
25,000 units per day in Japan (Archived)
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Netflix apparently available at launch? (Archived)HueyFreman31/10/2012
If sony hired you for Vita marketing (Archived)Raven23681/10/2012
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sup gfamers just got a jap vita (Archived)GokeVsShaq71/10/2012