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What Japan-Exclusive PSP game would you want to be ported to Vita? (Archived)
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If the Vita had these launch games (Archived)azngamer8738/18/2011
i hope the dpad is good. (Archived)XdieX38/18/2011
I dont think skyrim would really work.. (Archived)dragonknight11068/18/2011
I just watched a 720p YT video of that stardust game. (Archived)raymanfan158/18/2011
First PlayStation Vita Disgaea 3 Return Screens (Archived)the415Anamoly58/18/2011
If this system gets hacked... (Archived)
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biggest concern with the vita (Archived)mrhappyguy1234598/18/2011
Any word on the browser? (Archived)HoboOfAwe18/18/2011
This is interesting. Certain games are unexpectedly download-only. (Archived)
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Is LBP the biggest Killer App? (Archived)Natureboy99108/18/2011
ps3+Vita = Wiiu for only 499.99 (Archived)
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3 must-see PSV game videos! (Archived)GamerZero168/18/2011
I have a feeling I'm only going to use the touch screen for..... (Archived)EternalNether88/18/2011
Hopefully the vita wont get screwed out of some good games (Archived)dragonknight11028/18/2011
What are the chances of a Monster Hunter game being made for this? (Archived)
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Is there a list of all games offered for free with psn+? (Archived)Hells_Torturer58/18/2011
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Sony's mock up of Vita's LiveArea OS and the flow between its different sections (Archived)GameDesignerSage88/18/2011
Will the Vita be a phone as well ? (Archived)thedevilsminion98/18/2011