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Ok- one more "how many devices?" topic please. (Archived)
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update 1.52 just got released. (Archived)Raven23671/15/2012
are there any game with multiplayer out of the box (Archived)ZooM158541/15/2012
I think rpgs will drive the vita (Archived)
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I dont know how we are going to play jrpg on vita with that crappy battery life? (Archived)
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when does gran turismo come out ? (Archived)fungivore51/15/2012
One More Month! (Archived)
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How will umd passport work (Archived)tiamat99931/15/2012
Yay or Nay - Gravity Rush is the PSVs 1st System Seller (Archived)
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- What if Sony was able to acquire an app for GREE? - (Archived)sinncross21/15/2012
Will you kiss your Vita??? (Archived)
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can i download dissidia duodecim to my vita (Archived)kays731/15/2012
i wish this was released before my birthday (Archived)fungivore101/15/2012
What do you like the most? (Archived)gamer4lever41/15/2012
Just got prompted to update firmware again (Archived)AncientRomeBC51/15/2012
Which site is the best for Vita actuality? (Archived)gamer4lever31/15/2012
whats your first vita game going to be (Archived)
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will netflix on psv be for the uk aswell (Archived)xkierx21/15/2012
Question about buying Vita from play-asia (Archived)
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For the Vita to play PSP games, does it HAVE to be in PS store? (Archived)
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