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MGS4 port confirmed with screen caps from Kojima (Archived)gamer658751/27/2011
Huh. Not surprised. (re:3DS comparison) (Archived)
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Final Fantasy VII remake & $599 price point? This thing would fail... (Archived)dudupupu101/27/2011
any word on trophy support? (Archived)BulletForMyWife21/27/2011
Is there a place to watch the showcase/showing of psp2? (Archived)_wwKd_21/27/2011
Wait what is this I don't even? (Archived)
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I'm expecting this to cost anywhere from 350 dollars to 400 dollars (Archived)
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This thing looks uncomfortable as hell to use. (Archived)Mr Monkeypoo11/27/2011
I hate monthly fees. (Archived)Mohjong21/27/2011
Should have called this the iPWN, tbh. (Archived)TJRunsWild21/27/2011
Guys guys guys, NGP IS A CODENAME NOT THE FINAL NAME (Archived)Krycek1851/27/2011
When NGP do launch do sony realize that 3ds will have about 15-20million sold? (Archived)
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As Powerful as PS3? I want to be able to play on my TV then. (Archived)Matrix is poo41/27/2011
I don't need 2 analog sticks for a portable. (Archived)Azalea9X81/27/2011
Overheating possibility (Archived)hooraykratos11/27/2011
backward compatiable with psp games? (Archived)The_Coward133731/27/2011
NGP officially priced at $999 (Archived)pikapalooza200291/27/2011
This is going to fail.. (Archived)
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Five hundred and ninetynine US Dollars (Archived)
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Sign here if you are getting the PSP2! (Archived)
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