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I thought there was supposed to be a playstation store update today. (Archived)
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Just got the Version 1.61 Update (Archived)Aromatic Grass62/21/2012
PlayStation Vita Street Fighter x Tekken Due in Fall with 12 New Characters (Archived)
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Is it me or really WTH? (US psn/psStore) (Archived)
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What are the chances that Target will have Dynasty Warriors and Katamari on Wed? (Archived)Aromatic Grass82/21/2012
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anyone in the uk got their preorder game discount code yet? (Archived)Chargrilled42/21/2012
Did you know that the weapons in WIPEOUT are fired via voice activation ...wait (Archived)richbad22/21/2012
The Vita shows just how old consoles are (Archived)
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Pre-order voucher code (Archived)Squirtlesan22/21/2012
So you USA Vita owners excited about todays update? (Archived)
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vita demos available on 2/22 launch (Archived)
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Can the offciial screen portector od this? (Archived)final51362/21/2012
When Do You Think We'll Get A New Vita Model? (Archived)
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Vita is doing extremely well here in USA. How good is it doing in Europe? (Archived)Garfield6492/21/2012
Amazon still says "shipping soon"... (Archived)
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PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (Archived)New_Username32/21/2012
How many PSN friends can u have. (Archived)darchur00732/21/2012
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Buy a Vita now or wait for a white Vita? (Archived)Supa_S42/21/2012