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My brand new vita seems to have to long watery like marks (Archived)
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You can do everything with a Vita except make a phone call (Archived)Saxon22/25/2012
Can I play Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier on Vita? (Archived)Shovel_Break22/25/2012
can you only add 2 friends at a time? (Archived)spemsha12/25/2012
JP demos are really awesome (Archived)
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Can't charge via USB on pc? WTF? (Archived)
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thank goodness i didnt spend that much on umd psp games... (Archived)archs1322/25/2012
Top 5 games you would like to see work with Remote Play... (Archived)
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before getting PSV? (Archived)leslieyang77772/25/2012
any big titles on the way? (Archived)ss3goku3992/25/2012
Support Sony. They did a nice job with Vita. (Archived)
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Should i get Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 OR Dynasty Warriors Next? (Archived)Hikaru-X32/25/2012
How come "Ninja Gaiden" isn't showing up at any retailer's site? (Archived)xenoswug22/25/2012
I have 32gb mem stick.What are the games to buy? (Archived)rockman11_z22/25/2012
What is the best vita game you have played? (Archived)
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Out of the PSP games avalable even the ones not on the PSV shop are they able to (Archived)zerooo052/25/2012
will they add more psp games? (Archived)gumbyxcore9922/25/2012
How's this sound if I buy a Vita? (Archived)count_hamstein52/25/2012
Is there a list somwhere w/ announced games but no specific release dates? (Archived)mahgah9132/25/2012
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