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PS Vita U.S. sales data 'very, very positive,' says SCEA (Archived)
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They need to release a patch to make the sound louder in Uncharted Golden Abyss (Archived)godbowsdowntome52/25/2012
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Can I play Jpn games while on US psn? (Archived)Ctubbie22/25/2012
Anyone Able to play custom soundtracks in Dynasty Warriors/Ninja Gaiden? (Archived)
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i have just goot the psp vita and i have 4 games for it looking for some games (Archived)
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I'd instantly buy a Vita if new Okami was developed for it (Archived)KaiserKane12/25/2012
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I was just at an EBgames, and 2 people were in line looking for a Vita (Archived)
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