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I hope Sony support doesn't think I trolled them. Sent this email... (Archived)
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Anyone else playing Minna to Issho? (Archived)TranslatorTom51/18/2012
Release Date changed for Memory Cards! (GameStop) 2/7/12 (Archived)EnVoYCoOkiE61/18/2012
Why didn't sony continue with umds? (Archived)
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About backing stuff up to a PS3 (Archived)Musiea51/18/2012
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Is Vita going to be bombarded with dumb firmware updates? (Archived)
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price drop in Hong Kong already (Archived)ninigoucn41/17/2012
What's the equivalent of 3DS Spotpass and Streetpass on Vita? (Archived)Ketorulz31/17/2012
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So what does 3G do? (Archived)Wiiplayer11171/17/2012
Any has any idea if the vitas web browser is better than the psp web browser (Archived)cubans81/17/2012
Ever wonder if after the launch we get "stolen vita" topics? (Archived)Raven23661/17/2012
Conker's Bad Fur Day on Playstation Vita (Archived)alexg198951/17/2012
Mortal kombat? Assasin creed? Oh plewboy! (Archived)
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Why can't Konami port MGS4 to PS Vita? (Just saw the tech demo) (Archived)
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Okay, sorry if this has been asked a ton of times, but if I buy a Vita (Archived)
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Has Sony said anything about Dreamcast or Neo Geo support? (Archived)OtakuD5081/17/2012