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PS Vita seems to have better quality than 3DS for racing games (Archived)
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To the 3G Naysayers (Archived)
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Should I get the 3G unit, or the standard Wi-Fi one? (Archived)Emoglobin48/5/2011
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C/D: Sony will regret not releasing the Vita in time for the holiday season (Archived)
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So why do they release it in Japan first? (Archived)
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Got rid of my PSP a while ago - I assume all my PSN purchases automatically (Archived)Phange 238/5/2011
lol @ people arguing about 3DS vs PSV (Archived)
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PSP didn't come out til march of 2005 (Archived)ReggieBush0948/5/2011
releasing the ps vita in early 2012 isn't so terrible (Archived)
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OK, so we know the system is region free, right? Cant we just import from japan? (Archived)
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PS Vita coming out next year only gives 3DS enough time to own again.... (Archived)
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This will work out for the best (Archived)areyouokay_28/4/2011
Any good games being released at launch (Archived)Raishuriken68/4/2011