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Since PSP is gonna get a new Suikoden, let's hope they make Suikoden 6 VITA (Archived)
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20games at launch, 100 games within the first 4 months. Vita has a good chance. (Archived)
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Colors Revealed!? (Archived)
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What do you think the odds are of the NA Vita releasing before Christmas? (Archived)Vademon8669/17/2011
For my birthday in March, my gf will by me a Vita or... (Archived)89_Bottom_Line59/16/2011
the vita will cost somewhere around 300-350 for full experience? (Archived)ZooM158549/16/2011
does anyone have a link to... (Archived)corkyocean219/16/2011
Looking at today's poll.... (Archived)iveriad39/16/2011
Why do people still mention thsi crap... (Archived)
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Which would you rather have,Monster hunter 3ds or Monster hunter Vita? (Archived)
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Man, this looks like I'd love it more than I loved the DS. (Archived)Iownzyou69/16/2011
Honestly I'd like the Vita and 3DS to be close in sales (Archived)Legit2Quit29/16/2011
anyone gonna let homeless play their VITA? (Archived)acdimps79/16/2011
Your favorite announcements so far? (Archived)
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Vita should get Demon's Souls 2 (Archived)LIsJustice99/16/2011
For all who unintelligently think that monster hunter isnt coming to vita too (Archived)
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Colored PS Vitas (Gold, white, pink, etc) (Archived)
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Could you beat MGS1 before the battery dies? (Archived)Master_Happosai79/16/2011
please tell me (Archived)TNT421299/16/2011
PSP games on Vita (Archived)GM_39/16/2011