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music unlimited is there a way to listen to it with the app closed. (Archived)darchur00723/8/2012
Maximum brightness setting during games??? (Archived)zeplin118083/8/2012
Anybody Know what time The Vita Game Heaven (Archived)keybladefan1833/8/2012
Two Vitas and one PSN account (Archived)gilbertizsexy33/8/2012
Should I get Uncharted or wait for a price drop? (Archived)uniquecutieVERS63/8/2012
I love vita almost as much as I love.... (Archived)Slipkordisem33/8/2012
where is dragons crown? (Archived)kays753/8/2012
With the current poor sales, will Vita get a price drop soon? (Archived)
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If you could pick one game to be localized, what would it be? (Archived)zerooo093/8/2012
That's it! PSV takes all the trophies! (Archived)
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WHY do I like Motorcross RC so much? (Archived)
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Question on downloading PSN titles to the vita... (Archived)re423573/8/2012
The Analog Stick Toppers have arrived and... (Archived)netdiiver73/8/2012
Well it safe to say the vita is doomed. (Archived)
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Any of these game playable on vita? (Archived)kryptonsson33/8/2012
I should be working! (Archived)gala1243/8/2012
Have you played long enough in one sitting to deplete a full battery? (Archived)
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Is it possible to go on PSHome with the Vita? (Archived)livingonwheels33/8/2012
PSN down for anyone else? (Archived)hunterslair73/8/2012
Are you feeling like your bad decision turned out good? (Archived)
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