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How many business users will pick the sleek/stylish NGP over the kiddie 3DS? (Archived)
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How many people are scared (Archived)Swickman8161/31/2011
Anyone worried about what kind of uses the rear touch pad will have? (Archived)GALBITR0N71/31/2011
What apps would you like to available for the NGP? (Archived)Virtua Tekken61/31/2011
- Rockstar needs to make GTA: SA Stories - (Archived)sinncross51/31/2011
As a 360 owner... (Archived)SuperVegito248781/31/2011
Sony Planning NGP Re-releases for PSP Games (Archived)Pochi2711/31/2011
Sony kiddy franchise (Archived)jcuser0861/31/2011
Next Generation, and it has 2 joysticks? Pfff... (Archived)GundamThree31/31/2011
any pics of the case and game ? (Archived)NinjaGamer_2321/31/2011
- I hope this will carry additional non gaming apps - (Archived)sinncross101/31/2011
So this is going to cost less than $600, right? (Archived)
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This looks cool, but I'm getting a 3DS first. (Archived)GHofPersia101/31/2011
Analog Sticks Question (Archived)Msterchiefjr341/31/2011
How likely is it that the name will be changed before the release? (Archived)Naveen9391/30/2011
NGP=Sega Nomad (Archived)hawaii_nyy_fan101/30/2011
You know why humans don't breath underwater? (Archived)Miracle_Paint91/30/2011
The only real problem i have with the NGP is te display. (Archived)
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2 sticks! (Archived)hotdogninja51/30/2011
Which game will you buy first? (Archived)_RockBand_51/30/2011