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How durable is it? (Archived)BobbyGoticks103/18/2012
Certain areas on touchscreen unresponsive? (Archived)Vaz12643/18/2012
freezing in sleep mode (Archived)Seven_Zombis63/18/2012
2 Questions? (Archived)I_am_Lightning23/18/2012
Need a new game for my vita. (Archived)spemsha103/18/2012
do you guys back up your games and game saves on your computer? (Archived)
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Any word on what's in this weeks PSN update for the vita? (Archived)FoBiA63/18/2012
So I got this instead of 3DS (Archived)MaKd83/18/2012
dead pixel on the first, screen cracked on the second! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Retro Man133/18/2012
Can you record game video on the vita? (Archived)InfernalLurker13/18/2012
Status of 32GB cards in my area: (Archived)Zykkr63/18/2012
All Resident Evil title on Sony system (Archived)
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Custom soundtrack question (unit 13 specifically) (Archived)Nepherael43/18/2012
Is Death Jr (One or two) playable? (Archived)maiden199373/18/2012
Trophy time stamp (Archived)Takeo778933/18/2012
just got the vita and it froze while updating (Archived)Squished_Mario23/18/2012
My cousin has a Vita, I have a 3DS but we respect each others systems. (Archived)
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What have I missed? (Archived)TheExiled28073/18/2012
where is the free game when you activated the 3g? (Archived)pokemonfan8623/18/2012
I want a Namco fighting game for the Vita o_o (Archived)DarkPhoenix85253/18/2012
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