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I wish Chad Warden would jump in on this. I really want his incredible insight. (Archived)Mizzou_Guy31/27/2011
Preorder the NGP! (Archived)LAKAILAKAILAKAI31/27/2011
Is Sony going down the same failed route or will the NGP spank the 3DS? (Archived)blazeUP1261/27/2011
Will we get PS2 Ports? (Archived)SIC10141/27/2011
So I heard aesthetics makes sales. (Archived)AppIe_3-1461/27/2011
For the people judging the current game lineup. (Archived)TLR_11/27/2011
Kinda confused about the touch stuff! (Archived)TangoBunny51/27/2011
NGP's Battery Life (Archived)PhantomSword21/27/2011
Gravity Daze (Archived)F22__Raptor12331/27/2011
I can already see the s***storms about which console is better than the other. (Archived)Foshy_teh_n00b31/27/2011
I am sold. I'm so excited. This is going to be amazing. (Archived)Proudclad81/27/2011
So what gaming platform got knocked off for this board? (Archived)
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umm didn't this already happen with psp and DS (Archived)
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I don't think it's necesarily a bar design I dislike... but why... so... oval? (Archived)TLR_31/27/2011
gamestop taking pre-orders (Archived)megamanx197931/27/2011
is this really 1000 dollars (Archived)BIGMIKEWWE171/27/2011
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