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Sign here if you are getting the PSP2! (Archived)
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What's the most anticipated game ? (Archived)allenwalker51071/27/2011
Didn't anyone tell Sony the acronym "NGP" is already taken? (Archived)
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I must say... (Archived)DaCSSMastah21/27/2011
Time for the HANDHELD WARS!!! (Archived)Sanctusorium71/27/2011
Has sony annoucned methods to battle piracy? (Archived)SIC10141/27/2011
To have the best of both worlds, get both the 3ds and the NGP (Archived)andizzle2966241/27/2011
$250 to target the 3DS? (Archived)FireFrenzy211261/27/2011
Crap, and I was planning to get an HDTV this winter... (Archived)Solid Sonic91/27/2011
Looks extremely sweet but its probably gonna be like 600$ AUD =/ (Archived)
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Did anyone look at the hardware specs?? (Archived)NfuzedGamer41/27/2011
Is this seriously the system's name? (Archived)
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Prediction... (Archived)Tekken929211/27/2011
If the NGP can cater to mothers and children, it will beat the 3DS (Archived)Chewy24791/27/2011
i would easily pay $450 for this (Archived)
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PSN titles (Archived)progame1311/27/2011
Top 3 YOU need to make a purchase? (Archived)
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I LOL'D @ PSP users.. (Archived)EpicKingdom_51/27/2011
Does anyone know if I can play FF7,8,9 on the NGP? (Archived)Dirk85UK51/27/2011
WOW! PSP2 Has Amazing Hardware Design!!! (Archived)trent4471/27/2011