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No Game Archive or Flash Support on PlayStation Vita at Launch (Andriasang) (Archived)
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Will Japanese 3G PSV Work for 3G in UK or US. Is there a NTT Docomo Simlock? (Archived)Sega_Blackbelt210/26/2011
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will this have a sleep mode button (Archived)tiamat999410/26/2011
Are the Vita memory cards the M2 format? (Archived)GardianBou410/26/2011
Sony to require use of a memory card for games that want DLC (Archived)
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does any one have pic of the cartridge for psv (Archived)corkyocean2810/25/2011
Do you think Nintendo fans would switch to Smartphones? (Archived)
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i just cant wait to blow $250+ on this thing (Archived)
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i hope the battery indicator is more accurate (Archived)avael1410/25/2011
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3g or wifi? which one to pre order.. (Archived)
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