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Might be the first handheld I buy since the original Gameboy. Anyone else? (Archived)Red_Jester72/1/2011
Why reveal it now (Archived)
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Is There Any NGP aka PSP 2 Sites Up And Running?" (Archived)Platinum Dragon V132/1/2011
Is anyone else glad that NGP and 3DS are so different and plan to buy both? (Archived)
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I love how the sticks and controls are higher up on the system. (Archived)DoubleT42/1/2011
Wait.......... some people actually think the NGP is the REAL name? (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero72/1/2011
Lets give it a name. (Archived)
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I firmly believe that Justin Bieber deserves a game in this system. (Archived)
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white ngp looks better than the black (Archived)
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one thing absolutely stinks about this device is that there is no BC.... (Archived)
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Sign if your getting 3DS and NGP (Archived)
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Anybody remember the iWish? (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero52/1/2011
Industry Insiders claim to have figured out the real name of the NGP (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero32/1/2011
I refuse to call this NGP. (Archived)FrazTHG32/1/2011
5 reasons why the PSP2 won't succeed (Archived)
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I think i'll get both if the price is right, but I need a question answered... (Archived)Goldenguy12342/1/2011
NGP's battery not removable? (Archived)awsome_bebe62/1/2011
Why is the NGP so FPS focused? (Archived)IceDragon7742/1/2011
Drop the touchpad on the back..... (Archived)
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The Dilemma: Set a profitable price or Set price to lose (Archived)frogandlard41/31/2011