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No cloud saves on Vita, Why? (Archived)
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Can someone suggest a PSP game for me to play on my Vita? (Archived)
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Who from Malaysia?..... (Archived)Starlight8882/1/2012
Anyone in UK got the money off a game email yet for preordering? (Archived)
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Grandia IV anyone? (Archived)O2Ash102/1/2012
Will the vita play PSX classic games? (Archived)_NYGIANTS_82/1/2012
Confirmation about free month of 3G and free game (Archived)
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I hate to make this topic but... (Archived)SIC10172/1/2012
Will running multiple apps harm the system? (Archived)3D332/1/2012
hard time choosing between BB:CS and UMvC3 (Archived)
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After playing all the demos available at my local GameStop... (Archived)alexmni2ro32/1/2012
With $5 discounts to digital copies is Vita the cheapest portable overall? (Archived)Natureboy9992/1/2012
Why is gamestop charging extra for memory cards? (Archived)nikoweaver200082/1/2012
Hey, I'm new... (Archived)windmastery42/1/2012
For those that have a Vita already, how are the load times? (Archived)freethebunny72/1/2012
Whats your plan? to get a vita on launch? (Archived)
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I hope the analog sticks aren't like the PSP's (Archived)
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I want a Vita; but the 3ds scared me off. (Archived)
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Man why does gamestop tease... (Archived)XxXSlateXxX51/31/2012