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Downloading while the screen is off... it doesn't happen. (Archived)
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Is the Japanese PSN store Uncharted downloadable game in english? (Archived)Jimdb112/28/2011
PSV vs 3DS for me (Archived)L0L_FAQ612/28/2011
You know what game would be interesting on VITA? (Archived)MAXimUMakarOFF212/28/2011
So I was comparing the Graphics of Vita Launch games to 360 and PS3 launch games (Archived)Garfield64812/28/2011
Bought a 5,000Yen PSN Card what game should i get? (Archived)AncientRomeBC612/28/2011
Hey NGP owners! How are they? (Archived)Infernal_Engine912/28/2011
PS Vita versus 3DS (Archived)
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How good is the control pad?? (Archived)sword2183112/27/2011
Anyone else having screen problems? (Archived)
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Are saves locked to a system? (Archived)
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Cyber Akuma Zero1812/27/2011
Preordered my Vita today, but none of the launch games really interest me. (Archived)
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I REALLY hope SE puts KH Birth by Sleep on the PSN... (Archived)
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The upcoming NA Vita release is Capcom's perfect chance.... (Archived)
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is the vita graphics as better as 360??????? (Archived)
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I dont like the waiting game, What Launch game are you planing on getting? (Archived)
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This is why Vita handheld >>>>> All other handhelds (Archived)
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Do you think DLC for handheld games is cool? (Archived)
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Hmm... I have a solution. (Archived)JranEQ412/27/2011
Goodbye SwapNote... (Archived)
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