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why doesn't sony just charge $32 for the 32 gb card ? (Archived)
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why is there a 3g model seems kinda pointless actually (Archived)mwjohnson531/9/2012
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3DS/Vita vs hackers (Archived)
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Canada Best Buy only: Get Uncharted GA free with 1st edition bundle pre-order (Archived)XFactor1101/9/2012
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Issues with the Vita at launch (Archived)Hikasu41/9/2012
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I want my vita now!!!! im too excited for it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Archived)kays751/9/2012
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Gorilla Glass would have been better (Archived)
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What is the First Edition? and screen protectors. (Archived)pencru31/9/2012
People need to draw the line at the proprietary memory prices (Archived)
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The Vita isn't selling, nobody wants to buy one.... (Archived)
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possibility of sony adding back support for multiple accounts? (Archived)OtakuGamera11/9/2012
redo the voice acting for ffx on the vita? (Archived)Raven23691/9/2012
if the vita is so powerful y does the web browser suck (Archived)
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What is cross play and how does it work? (Archived)darchur00771/9/2012