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Playing PSP games on the Vita confirmed, FOR SURE? (Archived)Justice984051010/29/2011
Pre-order and receive it one week early! (Archived)
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I am really confused, so is it called Gravity Rush or Gravity Daze? (Archived)Kenta_PKMN1010/29/2011
i wonder if someone will stand 7 days in line for the ps vita (Archived)
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Ps Vita Or PS3? (To late to buy one?) (Archived)Dkmariolink3810/28/2011
I'm purchasing 2 Vitas and I have a question (Archived)tygp2386610/28/2011
Is voltage same for all regions? (Archived)wariomona1010/28/2011
At this rate, the 3DS will win Japan... (Archived)
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in a nutshell whats the issue about the memory cards? Whats good and bad? (Archived)
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Is a 3G plan *required* for the 3G model? (Archived)
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So day one... (Archived)sntacrz147310/28/2011
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Vita's got swag. (Archived)Sweepzz810/28/2011
Pre-ordering Vita Bundle on Amazon. (Archived)FallenAngel722310/28/2011
Can anyone confirm this? All the Vita games won't boot up without a memory card. (Archived)
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Is It True That You Need A Memory Card To Play Games? (Archived)
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'Near'? (Archived)RogueThoughts510/28/2011
Who actually wants Little Deviants? (Archived)Encephlon810/28/2011
Should I get the 3G version if I don't want that s****** AT&T? (Archived)Encephlon610/28/2011
New PS Vita Details Surface (Archived)
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