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Is it THAT hard to allow PS1 games on le Vita? (Archived)
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Will Ape Escape: On the Loose be one of the "Vita Enhanced" PSP games? (Archived)Phange_291/29/2012
JP doesn't get AR Cards? (Archived)jeffreyv198751/29/2012
Data and 3G Questions (Archived)TomHoang21/29/2012
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What is Sonys counter to Mario, Zelda, and Monster Hunter? (Archived)
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If I get a PS Vita would it be pointless to get a Tablet(Transformer prime) (Archived)
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Is this like the PSP, if I buy an import I can play US Vita games? (Archived)Agnostic42071/29/2012
Anyone wanna help me make a "ruleset" on which game to get on retail/digital? (Archived)FlipManV361/29/2012
Man that cradle needed to come with the system (Archived)NoGood56er51/29/2012
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Just played the Vita at Best Buy (Archived)
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Accessories questions (Archived)IrishSJ2311/29/2012
I got to stop hanging around these boards (Archived)
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The vita comes out on my bday (Archived)romair200541/29/2012
Can someone explain to me the logic involved in releasing so late outside japan (Archived)
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will the FEB (Archived)wally6966671/29/2012
Played Vita Today At GameStop (Archived)
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anyone have a accurate list of what is exactly launching on feb 15? (Archived)Kenta_PKMN61/29/2012