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The free game that comes with the 3G/Wifi bundle.... (Archived)AstralFear41/28/2012
Will I be able to play my american ps1 downloads on a Asian ps vita (Archived)Fortkatana4u231/28/2012
I've been eating nothing but Taco Bell 5 buck boxes every day. (Archived)
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Is this going to sell out everywhere like kindle fire? (Archived)
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Want friends to play with? Here's the current top 10 selling list on Amazon. (Archived)TheSuspected61/28/2012
When do you think the vita ps store will open ? (Archived)Fortkatana4u221/28/2012
So the 3G Vita "deal" basically makes you buy stuff you would have had to... (Archived)
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Which Hori protector to get...? (Archived)
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Did I read this one right? 2 PSN games for First Edition Bundle? (Archived)ronrealplaya71/28/2012
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Calm Down...first edition bundle also now comes with free PSN game/street pass (Archived)
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Is there a difference in Size/Shape/Weight.... (Archived)
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Percentage of 2 model Ps vita.. (Archived)Starlight8851/28/2012
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