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I caved and preordered vita. What else should I get? (Archived)ShiftyMcNeely82/11/2012
Walmart (Archived)
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So what's the consensus on calling the Vita? (Archived)
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Same PSN or will it be new? (Archived)KreenAkrore22/11/2012
Wipeout or ModNation (Archived)thevariant82/11/2012
Unlock the box question (Archived)twiztidfreak6t962/11/2012
Edge scores for the first batch of Vita games (brutal): Uncharted GA gets a 7 (Archived)
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With Vita, Sony is coming into their own as a Japan Gamecompany (Archived)BroadwayGPU62/11/2012
FEB Limited Edition Case Question??? (Archived)XXCalibanXX42/11/2012
PSN Games From Other Regions (Archived)elazulblack32/11/2012
gps isnt a reason enough to switch to 3g over wifi (Archived)DarkOstrava92/11/2012
Anyone here that didn't have a psp but is planning on getting a vita? (Archived)CassadyH72/11/2012
I really wanna buy the Vita but Sony's troubles are worrying... (Archived)
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More Amazon questions.. (Archived)
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Where did native Email support go? (Archived)scorejunkie32/11/2012
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance.. be warn when buying the vita version (Archived)
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Not from the US, any chance that I'd still be able to get the free PSN game? (Archived)sanji_sama42/11/2012
Edge says MGS3 3D is better looking than MGS3 HD Vita (Archived)
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Will we be able to have more than one account on our Vita? (Archived)fortecross22082/11/2012
Gravity Rush 15 minutes Direct Feed Video *SPOILERS* (Archived)Modest_Modsoul52/11/2012
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