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My friend is willing to trade me UMVC3 if I give him GOW3, Pringles... (Archived)Sumo_Thug41/26/2012
Vita needs to be cheaper than the 2nd best selling tablet (Archived)
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will I be able to play Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online on the Vita? (Archived)EL_CHACAS251/26/2012
You know what would make me buy a Vita day one? (Archived)
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Predict a game that you think could be announced for the Vita (Archived)
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well people it's time to dig deep inside and just go at it!!!! (Archived)
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Well it is official...Wipout is now $39.99 (Archived)
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Did anyone take advantage of the gamestop trade up offer? (Archived)
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First commercial for the US. (Archived)scorejunkie41/25/2012
Is there any Zagg-ish screen protectors yet?(wet down then apply) (Archived)Timmy12412331/25/2012
No TV Commercials? slow Japan sells? Looks like this thing isn't gona do good (Archived)bulletproven5091/25/2012
A program/guide for converting videos for the Vita? (Archived)killerpickles61/25/2012
C/D: Sony should have released the Vita in North America first (Archived)
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Fantastic review videos of the Vita (Archived)gamemasta56900101/25/2012
The only thing people are good at...(And I need an advice) (Archived)gamer4lever71/25/2012
If you sign up for the 3G within the first couple weeks you get a free game (Archived)
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Persona 4 Golden to feature a new town and moped travel (Archived)
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Why do you guys WANT to pay more for a console? (Archived)
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