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Does the Vita have an activity log like the 3ds? (Archived)
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Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Japanese PS Vita Trailer (Archived)TheExiled280112/23/2011
Is there any GOOD reason you can only use the Sony proprietary memory cards? (Archived)
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Uncharted - does the whole game take place in the jungle? (Archived)
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to all of you who ordered the misspriced amazon 16gb memory cards... (Archived)ouijaouija812/23/2011
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play us psp content on jpn account and visa versa on vita (Archived)kyomagi712/23/2011
Congraturations on getting Virtua Tennis PSP Vita! (Archived)CruelBuffalo612/23/2011
Rumers that have been proven False. Truth Only, Trolls stay away please. (Archived)
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awesome psvita accessory kit (Archived)zeek888912/23/2011
Uncharted is now $50? (Archived)
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Why are FPS's so popular? (Archived)
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This is what Sony was thinking with those memory cards (Archived)CrystalKing5426612/23/2011
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