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arent PSP games supposed to get dual analog support when downloaded to the Vita? (Archived)blood_bender612/19/2011
Has anyone successfully transferred us psp games on japanese vita?? (Archived)
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So Nintendo puts a price drop on 3DS and gains sales, and what does Sony do? (Archived)
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Gravity Rush's main campaign lasts 15 hours (Archived)
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anyone know how much the 3G will cost (Archived)bluehat94612/19/2011
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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a PS Vita By Me/WormioBH (Archived)
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More PSP Vs. Vita movie edition: Evangelion (Archived)
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Questions about load times with PSV games (Archived)TheExiled280712/19/2011
wow... gravity rush looks amazing (Archived)alexg1989412/19/2011
What is sony trying to sell us? (please comment) (Archived)
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Gravity Rush was 10 years in the making. READ THIS!!! (Archived)
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I want a list of the countries that will get the vita in feb22 (Archived)graveyardfire312/19/2011
Problems (Archived)salim118118112/19/2011
CountDown Time! (Archived)
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im sure this has been discussed here plenty but why wait until after christmas? (Archived)rocketworussia712/19/2011
Dark Souls port please (Archived)Pics_nao_plz912/19/2011
I'm serious Sony fanboys, a price drop is going to save the Vita! (Archived)
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PS Vita Freezes and Touch Screen Issues (Archived)DEVILx66612/19/2011
I want a list of the countries that will get the vita in feb22 (Archived)graveyardfire212/19/2011