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Y u still not advertise the Vita, Sony? (Archived)
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would the Japanese psn ever get skype app or (Archived)JF7X51/24/2012
are you happy with your PS Vita than PSP?? (Archived)Starlight8881/24/2012
Your PS vita is Made in Japan or China? (Archived)Blue_Earth41/24/2012
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How long did it take for PSP memory card prices to drop? (Archived)
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Can anyone with a Vita confirm how much cheaper digital is than retail? (Archived)mahgah9181/24/2012
How are the graphics on this thing? (Archived)
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Anyone know the quality of the touchscreen/glass of the screen? (Archived)
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Shame about the first edition bundle releasing on the 15th rather than 14th (Archived)
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Gravity Rush has NOT been confirmed for launch day (Archived)BrokenBandit84101/24/2012
Post the wallpapers you're going to use! (Archived)
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is it true there making a bioshock for vita? (Archived)
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Serious question which decides whether or not I buy a Vita (Archived)
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Who else is excited about the Ys 4 remake? (Archived)
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I like his video blogs. Coming straight from Japan (Archived)Slipknot243041/23/2012
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N3DS kind-of sort-of Silde Pad 2 (Archived)
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Bluetooth headset HQ mode? (Archived)Naruto11/23/2012